> Copyright
Unless prior agreement has been made Peters & Zabransky (UK) Ltd retain the copyright ownership to all design illustration and photography produced as per the EC 2003 copyright law. Stock shot and outside agency photographs we respect their copyright and expect our clients not to contravene there usage. Images within our website are copyright and may be used only for web browsing. Any unauthorized downloading or publication of images is prohibited by copyright law. Image use must be negotiated with Peters & Zabransky (UK) Ltd in advance.

> Terms and Payment

Normal trading terms are 30 days.
In the case of printed material where the print constitutes over 50% of the work we require 50% payment at print ready stage and 50% seven days after delivery of the order.
Placement of advertising material payment is required prior to publishing date. Advertising material for web pages payment is required prior to uploading any advertisement.

We reserve the right to charge interest at 6% over the Bank of England base rate for delayed payments.

All prices quoted exclude VAT which will be added if applicable to the invoice at the prevailing rate.
Delivery: The majority of design and artwork is sent electronically at no cost.
Print, exhibition material, merchandising, hand drawn artwork and return of supplied goods will be sent by post or courier and will be charged for.

> Archive
One month after completion of artwork and design to clients satisfaction we will archive the material. To retrieve artwork from storage a minimum fee of thirty pounds will be charged unless prior agreement has been reached. On occasions we have found archive material has become corrupt we reserve the right to charge for reinstatement of the material subject to first discussing the problem with the client
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